Indiana University School of Medicine

Anne E. Dyson Community Pediatrics Training Initiative

Reach Out and ReadThe IU Pediatrics Residency is one of a select group of 10 pediatrics residencies nationally who were named as recipient of the Anne E. Dyson/AAP Community Pediatrics Training Initiative. The grant's aim and ongoing commitment in the program is to train pediatricians as leaders with the skills to improve the health of children in their communities.


Foster partnerships with the community through the following community-based organizations (CBO):

Promote the role of pediatricians as community leaders and advocates

  • Develop Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDP) in which each resident designs self-directed goals focused on individual growth and development as a community leader
  • Develop life-long learning skills in community assessment, practice improvement and health education within service learning projects, during Community Pediatrics I and II rotations and in continuity clinic settings

Strengthen community activities through interdisciplinary collaborations:

  • Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry, IU School of Dentistry
  • Department of Environments for Health and Community Affairs, IU School of Nursing

Advanced Competency Option

Residents may self identify during the creation of the IPDPs or Community Pediatrics rotations to have an interest in further work in the community. They will work with a personalized Mentor Panel of multidisciplinary family, a family representative and CBO and Dyson staff to achieve advanced skills.