Each fellow will complete a number of research projects that are designed to explore problems in and propose solutions to issues of quality, safety, and equity in pediatric health care.

Project development will mirror coursework, and should progress in complexity from literature review to secondary analysis to primary data collection.  Each fellow will identify a primary research mentor with whom they will meet weekly to discuss progress and issues associated with their work.  A research committee will meet twice a year to guide each fellow in developing a research portfolio.

Research Areas

Faculty of CHSR are involved in a wide-range of research projects, that afford trainees with the opportunity to learn a variety of research methodologies.  These research projects include:

  • Design and implementation of a computer-based pediatric preventive care decision support system (CHICA) to improve delivery of primary care in busy pediatric practices.
  • Indiana Medicaid Medical Advisory Council-- Authorized by a contract with the Indiana Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning, this program provides advice from clinical experts, review of relevant literature, and analysis of claims and other data to advise the development and evaluation of Medicaid policies and programs.
  • AAP Partnership for Policy Implementation (PPI)--a program to integrate health information technology functionalities into AAP policy.