Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship

Goals & Objectives

Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University, Section of Pediatric Intensive Care offers a three-year Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellowship program designed to provide comprehensive training with increasing responsibility in all facets of pediatric critical care medicine. Our program allows the Fellows to acquire the skills necessary to assess and stabilize critically ill patients, while achieving the clinical and technical proficiency required to provide comprehensive intensive care to all medical and surgical patients, including post-operative cardiac, trauma, transplant, and burn patients.  They will demonstrate an understanding of the basic sciences, including anatomy, pathophysiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology as applied to the practice of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.  We focus on the concept of teamwork, utilizing other medical/non-medical services as well as subspecialty consultants.  At the end of training, our fellows will be appropriately prepared for the Sub-specialty Board Examination and capable of undertaking academic/clinical positions as Pediatric Critical Care Physicians.

In addition, they will have demonstrated competence in all psychomotor, cognitive, therapeutic and management skills required to care for the critically ill child, including but not limited to, such procedures as endotracheal intubation, ventilator management, placement of central/arterial catheters, chest tubes, and extracorporeal support.

Fellows will also have demonstrated competence in teaching nurses/medical students/pediatric residents/other sub-specialty residents and allied health care students.  They will have the ability to produce independent research and will have acquired administrative and leadership skills needed in an interdisciplinary PICU.  Finally, each fellow will have had exposure to Quality Improvement procedures as related to Pediatric Critical Care and have actively participated in the Program Improvement process.

General objectives of the program are to develop:

  • A strong foundation of knowledge of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
  • Confidence in the proficiency necessary for providing clinical care to critically ill children in a compassionate and ethical manner
  • Technical proficiency with invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures necessary for providing critical ill children
  • Leadership skills necessary to Attend a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • The necessary skills to effectively teach the physicians, nurses, and other allied healthcare workers
  • The ability to effectively utilize the team approach to both clinical and academic Pediatric Critical Care Medicine and to recognize the importance of such an approach
  • The necessary skills to evaluate the medical literature as it relates to Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
  • Tools to further the body of knowledge in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine by performing clinical and/or laboratory research