Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship


neo-fellowship-angela-in-lab-320w.jpgThe Section of Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine supports a rapidly expanding Clinical Research Center constructed to design and implement practice-changing clinical research within our clinical units.  Fellows are encouraged to actively work with our team of faculty mentors, research coordinators, statisticians, and informatics experts to participate in a meaningful research experience designed to provide in depth education of the scientific process.  Focus is placed on study design and implementation, as well as the development of a manuscript acceptable for publication and presentation at a national scientific conference.

In addition, a wide variety of opportunities are available to fellows in both basic and clinical research within the Department of Pediatrics and the Indiana University School of Medicine.  Fellows interested in pursuing a research career will have the opportunity, with additional training, to participate in the Clinical Investigator Training Enhancement (CITE) Program sponsored through Indiana University.  The purpose of this program is to prepare health care professionals for a career in clinical research.  Following completion of the program, graduates can embark on a career in clinical research with the skills necessary to successfully compete for grant funding, conduct and analyze research findings, and publish their work in scientific journals.  By participating in the program, CITE trainees will accomplish two primary objectives:

  1. Complete a two-year formal clinical research curriculum, at the end of which they will receive a Master of Science in Clinical Research degree.
  2. Conduct clinical research under the mentorship of a faculty scientist whose discipline or area of clinical investigation corresponds to the research interests and career aims of the CITE enrollee.

The Morris Green Pediatric Scientist Scholarship Program is an interdisciplinary training program available to our fellows which combines the unique strengths of the Department of Pediatrics and Indiana University School of Medicine to provide clinical fellows with training in:

  • formal instruction in research methods, research ethics, and grant preparation
  • acquisition of new research skills
  • discipline-specific and inter-disciplinary role models and mentors

Fellows may choose one of two tracks: 1) The Basic Research track will prepare graduates for careers in basic or translational pediatric research, or 2) The Child Health Research track will prepare pediatricians for careers in clinical research, health services research and medical informatics.

The Section of Pediatric Intensive Care provides financial support for learning materials and travel related to scholarly pursuits.  The fellowship curriculum is designed to ensure satisfactory completion of all ACGME and ABP requirements for meaningful scholarly activity.