Family Life in Indianapolis

Family Life

Canal in Downtown Indianapolis Runner Along the Canal in Downtown Indianapolis Eagle Creek Park Indianapolis Children's Museum Indianapolis Children's Museum

Indianapolis has been ranked as one of the most affordable cities for living in the U.S. Many new arrivals to Indianapolis are surprised by the variety and depth of activities available and the friendly, family oriented community environment. Indianapolis offers great schools, world class restaurants, some of the best parks in the state and the number one rated Children’s Museum in the U.S. Indy is considered the amateur sports capital of the United States, so it should come as no surprise that the city offers numerous hiking trails, biking paths, kayaking, sailing, swimming, diving and rowing venues.

Indy is a multi-cultural home to a vibrant variety of people, language and cultures, many celebrated in summer festivals when the air is filled with the delicious smell of enticing foods, lively music and entertainment. Year round entertainment includes Broadway shows, children’s theater, outdoor music festivals and top entertainers performing at one of the 4 large entertainment venues. It is also home to the nationally renowned Indianapolis Symphony and Indiana Children’s Choir.

A favorite of both young and old is the Indianapolis Zoo, a world class facility with over 3,800 animals, including a dolphin show and special behind the scenes adventure tours. And, of course, for sports fans, Indy is home to the Super Bowl champion football team the Indianapolis Colts, the professional NBA basketball team the Indiana Pacers, one of the top women’s basketball teams in the WNBA – The Fever, and a minor league baseball team and the Indiana Ice hockey team.

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