Infectious Disease Fellowship

Ryan White Center Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellowship

About Us

Our Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellowship focuses on developing the next generation of leaders in pediatric infectious disease research, clinical care and education. We developed the fellowship specifically for physicians who are interested in a career in academic pediatric infectious disease.

Training will include a year of clinical training and two years of research training, spread over the three years of fellowship. Training will include well-organized and progressive teaching, research, and clinical consultative experiences. The educational program will include basic concepts in microbiology, immunology, epidemiology, clinical pharmacology, and infection control. Our exceptional training in clinical infectious disease results from the status of Riley Hospital for Children as the primary referral hospital for children in the state of Indiana, a busy and active service that sees children of all ages, with a broad range of infectious diseases, and clinicians strongly committed to education. Research can be conducted with faculty in the Ryan White Center, as well as other faculty in the department of Pediatrics, in the Internal Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases and the Department of Microbiology, allowing for a broad range of research activities.

Our Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellowship is set apart by our focus on global infectious diseases, our strong commitment to fellow education, the variety and depth of the clinical infectious disease seen at Riley Hospital for Children, and our commitment to training leaders in global pediatric infectious disease research and education. Fellows who share these interests are encouraged to contact us about fellowship opportunities.

Contact Us

For more information about the fellowship, please contact Rachel Johnson, Fellowship Coordinator, at or 317-274-8940.