Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care

The Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care fellowship program at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University is a non-ACGME accredited training program. We have a strong commitment to produce highly qualified clinicians to meet the unique needs of pediatric patients with congenital and acquired heart disease by providing excellent care. 

The Heart Center at Riley Hospital for Children is currently considered to be a premier center in the United States for the specialized care of infants and children with heart disease and is one of the largest centers in the Midwest area.  Over 400 patients undergo cardiac surgery at Riley Hospital for Children, along with hundreds of other patients who undergo cardiac catheterization or require non-surgical medical care for critical cardiac disease. This large and diverse patient population provides countless opportunities for learners to gain expertise in the care of these patients.  

The trainees will receive a core training in pediatric critical care including cardiac intensive care and anesthesia as well as in invasive and noninvasive pediatric cardiology.