Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care


During the first six months of the Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care fellowship, the fellow will complete clinical rotations under the direct supervision of pediatric cardiac critical care medicine, pediatric cardiology, pediatric cardiothoracic surgery and pediatric anesthesia faculty.  As our fellows progress through the training experience, they will assume graduated autonomy with increasing responsibility for patient care and pediatric cardiac intensive care team management.  During their clinical rotations within the cardiovascular intensive care unit (ICU), fellows will be given opportunities to direct morning rounds and patient hand-offs, supervise junior fellow trainees and advanced practice providers within the unit, and enhance their expertise in the performance of invasive procedures in critically-ill neonates, infants, and children with cardiac disease. During the fellows’ clinical months rotating through the CVICU, they will be expected to be on call in-house approximately every 4th night, or three overnight calls per two-week block. 

For rotations, outside of the cardiovascular ICU (e.g. cardiac catheterization suite, echocardiography suite, and cardiovascular surgery operating rooms), fellows will directly take part in processes and procedures necessary for the patients receiving care in these areas under the supervision of the cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, or cardiac anesthesiologist attending physician.  These rotations will provide our fellows with exposure that typically does not occur in traditional pediatric critical care fellowship, and consequently, they will develop expertise that has become increasingly more necessary to excel in the evolving specialty of pediatric cardiac intensive care.

The following table summarizes the time commitment allotted for each rotation to meet the specific goals and objectives of the fellowship.

Rotation Time
CVICU 24 Weeks
Cardiac catheterization / Electrophysiology 4 Weeks
Echocardiography/Imaging 6 Weeks
Cardiac anesthesia/CV OR 2 Weeks
Research 12 Weeks
Vacation 4 Weeks
Total 52 Weeks