Letter from Our Director

Chandy C. John, MD, MS

Chandy C. John, MD, MS

  • Director, Section of Infectious Diseases and Global Health
  • Ryan White Professor of Pediatrics
  • Professor of Microbiology and Immunology

Dear Colleagues,

The Ryan White Center for Pediatric Infectious Disease and Global Health is unique among divisions of Pediatric Infectious Disease in the United States in:

  • The legacy left by Ryan White, a standard-bearer in the fight against HIV
  • Support for the Center raised by the Indiana University Dance Marathon
  • Our focus on improving the health of children in Indiana and worldwide through reduction and prevention of infection.

The Ryan White Center hosts nationally recognized research programs in malaria and HIV research, and both research programs are expanding. We recently started our Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellowship, a fellowship that will focus on global infectious disease and that aims to produce the next generation of leaders in pediatric infectious disease research and education. And our Center hosts specialized programs in pediatric travel medicine, HIV, infection in the immunocompromised host, and infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship. These programs insure that the thousands of children we see at Riley Hospital for Children in the hospital and outpatient clinics get the best infectious disease care and prevention available, and also guide the way to improving care for children in Indiana and beyond.

With 11 clinical and research faculty members, in addition to our dedicated team of clinical and research staff, we are among the largest pediatric infectious disease programs in the country, and we are continuing to grow. Our focus on global child health reflects our understanding that infectious diseases do not know boundaries, and knowledge, treatment and prevention of infectious disease in underserved areas worldwide will benefit the children there and benefit children here in Indiana.


Chandy C. John, MD, MS
Director, Section of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Global Health