Rachel Vreeman Lab

Dr. Vreeman's research program focuses on chronic disease management for HIV-infected children in resource-limited settings, with a focus on adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART). She is currently embarked on a series of projects to identify the most valid and useful strategy to measure pediatric ART adherence in sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Vreeman is also conducting research on how to optimize the disclosure of HIV status to HIV-infected children, whether clinical decision support strategies improve pediatric healthcare in resource-limited settings, and how the dosing of antiretroviral medicines should be altered for malnourished children.

Patient-Centered Disclosure Intervention for HIV-Infected Children

Award Number: 5R01MH099747-04
Funding Agency: NIMH
PI: Rachel Vreeman
Dates: 08/09/12 – 05/31/16
Site: Eldoret, Kenya

Goal: The contribution of this study is expected to be a culturally appropriate, patient-oriented intervention to advance pediatric HIV disclosure within a resource-limited setting. The proposed research is significant because we must engage in disclosure to children that optimizes the long-term clinical management for HIV-infected children, preventing viral resistance and poor physical, emotional, or social outcomes.

International Epidemiologic Databases for the Evaluation of AIDS – IeDEA

Award Number U01 AI069911
Funding Agency: NIAID
PI: Kara Wools-Kaloustian; Co-investigator: Rachel Vreeman
Site: Eldoret, Kenya
Dates: 2012-2017

Goal: To use epidemiologic databases of East Africa region HIV treatment programs to evaluate AIDS.