Is your ED "Pediatric Ready"?

Pediatric readiness resources:

The Pediatric Readiness Resource Toolkit is designed to help your emergency department (ED) understand the Pediatric Readiness assessment score and support your use of the assessment to successfully improve the care of children in your ED.

The national pediatric readiness assessment includes 6 main areas, each of the links below has resources and supplies to help get your Pediatric ED ready.

  1. Guidelines for administration and coordination of the ED for the care of children:
    This section contains resources regarding the qualifications and responsibilities for the physician and nursing coordinators staffing the emergency department (ED).
    ED Toolkit Administration and Coordination
  2. Physicians, nurses and other health care providers staffing in the ED:
    This section contains resources regarding the necessary skills, knowledge, and training in emergency evaluation and treatment of children of all ages among staff in your emergency department (ED).
    Staffing in the ED
  3. Guidelines for quality improvement in the ED:
    This section contains resources regarding the integration of pediatric patient care-review processes into the Quality Improvement (QI)/Performance Improvement (PI) plan of your emergency department (ED).
    Quality Improvement
  4. Guidelines for improving pediatric patients safety in the ED:
    This section contains resources regarding the delivery of pediatric care in your emergency department that reflects an awareness of unique pediatric patient safety concerns.
    Patient Safety
  5. Guidelines for policies, procedures and protocol for the ED:
    The sample policies in this section are based on actual policies currently in use in emergency departments around the country.
    Policies Procedures and Protocol
  6. Guidelines for equipment, supplies and medications for the care of pediatric patients in the ED:
    This section contains a checklist of all the pediatric equipment, supplies, and medications necessary to care for children of all ages and sizes.
    Equipment, Supplies and Medications

Additional links:

Guidelines for Care of Children in the Emergency Department

A National Assessment of Pediatric Readiness of Emergency Departments

Created by the Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) National Resource Center and the Pediatric Readiness Resource Development Working Group, this toolkit is available for all EDs to use free of charge.