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Over the last decade, a number of disciplines, including biochemistry, immunology, cellular and molecular biology, have experienced a rapid series of bold advances. In spite of these advances, there has been a ‘lag time’ between discovery and application of these new findings, which creates a need for a new breed of scientist with a hybrid training of basic science and clinical medicine who can bridge this gap. Supported through the Indiana Clinical and Translational Science Institute (ICTSI – NIH CTSA grant 5 UL1 RR025761-02), the M.S. degree in Translational Science addresses this critical need by providing a cross-disciplinary training mechanism for researchers that can produce a translational scientist with an understanding of human disease at both a basic and clinical level. This Master’s degree program consists of two major components: Didactic coursework and active research under the dual mentorship of two seasoned researchers (a physician-scientist and a basic scientist).


Mark Payne, MD
Program Director

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