Indiana University School of Medicine

Pediatric Research Network

The Challenge

The ability to recruit and study children, both healthy and not, is frequently the rate limiting component of pediatric health research. Additionally, integration of health research into practice, the principal goal of research, often takes an inordinately long time.


Involving practitioners and the community in the research process is increasingly viewed by the healthcare establishment as a promising response to these challenges. Practice Based Research Networks (PBRNs), which, by their very nature actively engage practitioners in research, may facilitate this process. While several regional and national PBRNs have produced excellent research, a sustainable model of PBRN research operations has yet to be determined.

The Solution

The Department of Pediatrics at IUPUI proposes developing a Pediatric Research Network (PResNet) and associated infrastructure to:

  • Facilitate patient recruiting in an outpatient setting
  • Facilitate and support a broad range of research initiatives originated by PResNet practitioners and investigators from within and from outside of the network