Indiana Pediatric Scientist Award (IPSA) Program - K12

Funding for the development of IUSM Pediatric Department physician scientists at the junior faculty level

The Indiana Pediatric Scientist Award (IPSA) Program  is a Child Health Research Career Development Award (CHRCDA) Program K12 grant. It is supported by the National Institutes of Health to provide support for pediatric junior faculty physician scientists in order to increase their ability to become independent investigators. The IPSA Program is available for pediatricians with an MD degree who have completed postgraduate residency training. Candidates must dedicate 75% of their effort to research.

Support for IPSA Scholars will be provided through a minimum of two consecutive 12-month appointments, renewable in annual increments, for up to three years total. Support of Scholars is renewable at the discretion of the PD/PI, contingent upon presentation of evidence of satisfactory progress as determined by the Advisory Committee. The Scholar position is a faculty appointment, not a fellowship or extension of a fellowship position. Completion of subspecialty training is not required. Scholars may be appointed to the K12 program in the final research year of subspecialty fellowship training, if the fellowship provides basic science training similar to this K-12 program.

The IPSA K-12 program provides junior faculty with $75,000 (salary and fringe combined) annually.  The Division or Section where the Scholar is appointed will cost share the balance of their salary/fringe.  The IPSA program also allocates $19,000 for Other Support with $3,000 in Travel for the Scholar and $16,000 in Other Cost (lab supplies, lab techs, tuition/fees, data service support, etc).