Selection Process

Candidates will be evaluated on 8 areas:

  • demonstrated research potential,
  • commitment to meet the program benchmarks,
  • commitment to a research career,
  • innovation of the proposed research,
  • viability of the research plan,
  • mentor’s commitment,
  • strength of mentor’s relevant experience
  • mentor’s training record

An initial review of applicants will be conducted, and a decision will be made to interview the candidate, decline the application, or hold it for further review pending needed clarifications.  Mapping of the research design is required after initial selection (working with Mary E. Murray –  Interviews of applicants will be conducted by a selection committee that includes pediatric research faculty and one member of the program's advisory committee.   The selection committee will recommend a final selection of candidates the IPSA Program Director/PI, Dr. D. Wade Clapp, who will choose the CHRCDA scholars from the recommendations.

The Advisory Committee will be comprised of 3 physician-scientists from outside of the Pediatrics Department and physician-scientists from within the department with research interests relevant to the applicant.