Compensation and Benefits

residents-spend-time-together-240w.jpgWe value our resident physicians and provide them with one of the best benefits packages in the country. In addition, Indiana University offers many fringe benefits and perks for you, your spouse/partner and family.


  • FREE health and dental insurance for you, your spouse/partner and dependents - a value of over $14,000 for family coverage.
  • FREE life, disability, and medical malpractice insurance
  • FREE monorail transportation between hospitals
  • Meal money provided for on call nights
  • Lunch catered daily at conferences
  • Pagers provided
  • White coats and scrub suits provided
  • Private, single person, security-protected call rooms
  • FREE parking at all hospitals
  • Funding for meeting travel and support to present resident research
  • Resident lounge with TV, conference room and work computers
  • Faculty advisors and mentors to guide your progress

Fringe Benefits and Perks

  • FREE IU tuition – 3 credit hours per semester with 50% reduction for additional 3 credit hours
  • FREE academic software – Photoshop, Office Enterprise with PowerPoint-Word-Excel, Endnote
  • Elective opportunities at international health locations
  • Monthly resident social events sponsored by the program
  • FREE IU tuition – 3 credit hours per semester with 50% reduction for additional 3 credit hours
  • Full Electronic access to textbooks (Zitelli, Nelson, Red Book) and medical journals
  • Discount tickets on IU sports and theater events
  • National Institute of Fitness membership at discounted prices
  • On campus child care.

Leaves of Absence

  • Family/Medical Leaves of Absence will be granted for qualifying short-term illness, injury, or perinatal/family care issues for a period of up to twelve weeks. FMLA includes 6 weeks with pay and 12 weeks of full health benefits.


  • Starting salary for PGY-1 interns is $55,771.00; Indianapolis has one of the nation’s lowest costs of living for a major metropolitan area, making it a very affordable place to live.


  • 3-4 weeks of vacation per year
  • 5 days off during the winter/holiday season