See What Our Residents Say

We have a large, diverse group of excellent residents in our pediatric residency programs. Each year, we take approximately 25 categorical pediatrics residents; 14 Med-Peds residents; 2 EM-Peds; and 3 Triple Board/Psychiatry residents.

The following quotes and stories below are just a sample from our residents and recent grads:

  When I was applying for residency, I was not sure if I would find a program that met my expectations in terms of solid clinical training with great opportunities for research. On my interview day at IU, I simply felt at home and comfortable. The staff and residents were welcoming and down-to-earth, and the faculty I met with on my interview day cared about resident education. After spending two years at Riley, I am convinced that the Match found the best place for me to receive training. I have worked with faculty who truly cared about my educational experience while balancing patient care. The clinical value associated with being the only stand-alone Children's hospital in the state has afforded the chance to see a wide variety of pediatric pathology. Even on some of our more demanding rotations, I find myself eager to walk into work each day because I know that I get to affect the lives of children from across the state while working alongside amazing young physicians. My colleagues constantly inspire me to work harder, learn more, and truly care for my patients through their exemplary clinical services and attitudes towards patient care. Ali Annaim, PGY-3

SeveranceTyler003.JPG Thinking back to the residency application process, there were several criteria I valued during my search.  First, I wanted to work with brilliant minds that share a common enthusiasm for both learning pediatric medicine and caring for pediatric patients.   I could not have asked for better colleagues than I found here at Riley.  Secondly, as someone interested in hospitalist peds, I desired a children’s hospital that was equally outstanding in all the various subspecialties to truly provide a thorough and well-rounded education.  I know that when I graduate, I will have received top-flight training in all aspects of inpatient pediatrics. Finally, I wanted a program that would be supportive and caring towards their residents.  Going through the couple’s match process, that was particularly important for us and seeing the high volume of successfully matched couples in the program was very reassuring.  In short, Riley was simply a perfect match!    -Tyler Severance, PGY-3

MusilElizabeth003.JPG I feel incredibly lucky to have been at Riley. The program provided amazing training and Riley is one of those hospitals where people respond with awe and respect that you work there. I wanted a program where I would see both the common and the rare things in pediatrics. I also wanted one that allowed me to tailor my experience to what I want to ultimately do in life. Whether it's PICU or outpatient peds, you get a phenomenal training at Riley. The faculty are all very supportive of your individual goals and do whatever they can to help you. My co-residents are people I actually hung out with outside of work. Even during the stressful days and the winter blues, I feel so blessed to have been at this program. -Liz Musil, 2017 Graduate
VirtueCrista002.JPG I am so glad that I matched at Riley. There could not have been a better fit for me. Throughout my three years of residency I have repeatedly been thankful that I had such a good training program. Not only are the facilities wonderful, but the learning experiences that are available are priceless. Every different specialty is happy to have residents and to teach. I am going into General Pediatrics in a community setting. I know that I will be able to handle any issue that comes into my clinic because of the comprehensive teaching I received at Riley. The other main thing that I love about our residency program is the comradery between the residents. I have made excellent friendships during my time here. Working with your friends makes it so much more fun! -Crista Virtue, PGY-3

LinnemeierLaura002.JPG I am very happy that I matched at Riley. Riley is a great place to see a lot of kids and learn a lot about pediatric medicine. The exposure to the sub-specialties on an inpatient and outpatient basis provides invaluable knowledge to take into primary care and beyond. Our patients and their families provide a challenge that will ultimately make me a better physician. The faculty and residents at Riley are part of an amazing network of resources. I feel like I have the perfect combination of independence and support. I make real decisions for my patients every day and know that I have back up when I need it. Not to mention, Riley is a beautiful place to practice medicine. There is always new technology and resources that surprise me. I am glad to train at such an impressive and comprehensive hospital. -Laura Linnemeier, PGY-3