See What Our Residents Say

We have a large, diverse group of excellent residents in our pediatric residency programs. Each year, we take approximately 25 categorical pediatrics residents; 14 Med-Peds residents; 2 EM-Peds; and 3 Triple Board/Psychiatry residents.

The following quotes and stories below are just a sample from our residents and recent grads:


After spending two years at Riley, I am convinced that the Match found the best place for me to receive training. I have worked with faculty who truly cared about my educational experience while balancing patient care. Even on some of our more demanding rotations, I find myself eager to walk into work each day.  My colleagues constantly inspire me to work harder, learn more, and truly care for my patients through their exemplary clinical services and attitudes towards patient care.

Ali Annaim, PGY-3


I desired a children’s hospital that was equally outstanding in all the various subspecialties to truly provide a thorough and well-rounded education.  I know that when I graduate, I will have received top-flight training in all aspects of inpatient pediatrics. Finally, I wanted a program that would be supportive and caring towards their residents.  In short, Riley was simply a perfect match!   

Tyler Severance, PGY-3


I’ve found the most important part of Riley is the investment that everyone takes in mentorship. There is a wonderful collegial mentality to learning and development that starts from the top and works down through all levels of training. It makes for a great atmosphere to work in that carries over into Residency activities outside of work as well. Riley is full of great people who care about each other, and combined with a revitalized and continually improving city of Indianapolis, I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

Daniel Hinds, PGY-2


I was looking for a program that provided support for individual goals and had resources to help achieve them, ability to see both bread-and-butter pediatrics and rare cases, strong program leadership with role models in both staff and other residents, and co-residents that I can now honestly call my very best friends. Riley has everything I was looking for (and more!).

Jillian Halper, PGY-2


The faculty and residents at Riley are part of an amazing network of resources. I feel like I have the perfect combination of independence and support. I make real decisions for my patients every day and know that I have back up when I need it. Not to mention, Riley is a beautiful place to practice medicine. There is always new technology and resources that surprise me. I am glad to train at such an impressive and comprehensive hospital.

Laura Linnemeier, PGY-3