Mary A. Ott, MD, MA, associate professor of pediatrics, was recently selected to join Interdisciplinary Research Leaders, a leadership development program led by the University of Minnesota with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. As a member of one of only 15 three-person teams selected, Dr. Ott will join a diverse group of researchers and community leaders, including directors of nonprofits, psychologists, community organizers and sociologists from across the country, to collaboratively solve persistent health challenges. Together, these fellows will help advance a Culture of Health—one that places well-being at the center of every aspect of life.

Dr. Ott’s team designed their project to address youth development approaches to prevent violence and promote health. Other members of the team include Matthew Aalsma, PhD, professor of pediatrics and psychology at IU School of Medicine, and Abby Hunt, MSW, executive director of Health Care Education and Training, Inc.

IU School of Medicine Newsroom has more details.