Gregory D. Zimet, PhD, HSPP

Gregory D. Zimet, PhD, HSPP

Professor of Pediatrics & Clinical Psychology

Phone: (t) 317.274.8812 (f) 317.274.0133
Email: gzimet@iu.edu
Address: 410 West 10th Street, Suite 1001, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5140



Adolescent & Adult Health & Psychology


The Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS) is a brief reserach tool designed to measure perceptions of support.  Dr. Zimet, along with his colleagues Nancy Dahlem, Sara Zimet, and Gordon Farley developed this scale in 1988.  A website with more information, along with the scale and scoring options can be found here.

Areas of Interest

Research: Psychosocial/behavioral issues associated with acceptability and acceptance of biomedical approaches to the diagnosis and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (e.g., HIV testing & HPV vaccination). Consent issues with recruitment of adolescents into biomedical prevention clinical trials.

Dr. Zimet is a Clinical Psychologist and Professor in the Department of Pediatrics. Since he arrived at IU School of Medicine in 1993 he has guided an extensive and multi-faceted research program focused on attitudes about, and acceptance of, vaccines for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STI), including human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. More recently, Dr. Zimet's research also has involved randomized clinical trials designed to evaluate the effects of brief health communication messages on hepatitis B virus (HBV) and HPV vaccine uptake and on acceptance of HIV testing. In addition, through his involvement over the past 5 years in the Adolescent Medicine Trials Network (ATN) for HIV/AIDS Interventions Dr. Zimet has expanded his research focus to examine factors related to recruitment of adolescents into biomedical HIV prevention clinical trials. Biomedical trials that may ultimately involve adolescent recruitment include pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), HIV vaccine, and microbicides. Dr. Zimet's research has been funded by NIH, CDC, and private industry. He collaborates with researchers throughout the U.S. and from several other countries who represent many different disciplines including health marketing, medicine, psychology, biostatistics, nursing, and public health. Manuscripts published during the past year include 9 articles on HPV vaccination, 3 on microbicide acceptability among adolescents, and 2 on attitudes about HIV and herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV 2) testing. Dr. Zimet has served as a research mentor to 5 physician fellows, over 20 pre- and post-doctoral fellows in psychology, social work, health behavior, and nursing, and several junior faculty in the Department of Pediatrics and the School of Nursing.


1978 B.A., Psychology, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
1981 M.A., Psychology, Duke University, Durham, NC
1985 Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Duke University, Durham, NC
1984-85 Predoctoral Internship, Clinical Psychology, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, University Hospitals of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH
1985-86 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Adolescent Clinical Psychology, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, University Hospitals of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH

Honors & Awards

2010 2011 Iris Litt Visiting Professorship in Adolescent Health Research, Society for Adolescent Health & Medicine
2012 2012 Carl Zimet Visiting Visiting Professorship in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, University of Colorado School of Medicine
2013 International Research Collaboration Award, University of Sydney, Australia
2014 Cancer Control Champion, Indiana Cancer Consortium
2016 Richard L. Schreiner Mentoring Award, Department of Pediatrics, Indiana University

2016 Immunization Innovator Award, Indiana Immunization Coalition


Provider Clinics


Phone: (t) 317.274.8812 (f) 317.274.0133
Email: gzimet@iu.edu
Address: 410 West 10th Street, Suite 1001

Research & Grants

2008-2013 Funded by: NIAID/NIH Grant Number: R01 AI073713
PI: Jessica Kahn
Title: Behavioral and Virologic Impact of HPV Immunization
Role on Project: Co-Investigator
2006-2012 Funded by: NIH/NINR Grant Number: R01 NR010004
PI: Zimet
Title: HIV Testing and Women's Attitudes on HIV Vaccine Trials
Role on Project: PI
2009-2012 Funded by: Merck & Co. (RFP: "Overcoming Barriers to Vaccination With GARDASIL in Underserved Girls and Adolescents")
PI: Vaughn Rickert
Title: Brief Interventions to Increase HPV Vaccine Acceptance in School-Based Health Centers
Role on Project: Co-Investigator
2010-2012 Funded by: Merck & Co. (Investigator Initiated Studies Program #38094)
PI: Gregory Zimet
Title: An investigation of provider-parent-son decision-making about HPV vaccination
Role on Project: PI
2011-2013 Funded by: Merck & Co. (Investigator Initiated Studies Program #38638)
PI: Dena Cox & Gregory Zimet
Title: The Effects of Narratives and Framing on Young Women's Acceptance of HPV Vaccination
Role on Project: Co-PI
2011-2013 Funded by: NICHD/NIH Grant Number: R03 HD067832
PI: Kimberly Quaid
Title: Genetic Testing for Huntington Disease in At Risk Adolescents and Young Adults
Role on Project: Co-Investigator
2011-2016 Funded by: NICHD/NIH
Title of Program: Adolescent HIV/AIDS Trials Network (ATN-3), Community Prevention Leadership Group
Role: Adolescent Medicine Leadership Group Member

Representative PublicationsView All Publications

Tanner AE, Roof KA, Katz BP, Katschke A, Fortenberry JD, Zimet GD. A comparison of young women’s actual and assigned timing-of-use of a microbicide surrogate. Sex Health 2012;9(4):299-303.

Quadri-Sheriff M, Hendrix KS, Downs SM, Sturm LA, Zimet GD, Finnell ME. The role of herd immunity in parents’ decision to vaccinate children: A systematic review. Pediatrics 2012;130(3):522-530.

Alexander AB, Stupiansky NW, Ott MA, Herbenick D, Reece M, Zimet GD. Parent-son decision making about human papillomavirus vaccination: A qualitative analysis. BMC Pediatrics 2012;12:192. 

Marlow LAV, Zimet GD, McCaffery KJ, Ostini R, Waller J. Knowledge of human papillomavirus (HPV) and HPV vaccination: An international comparison. Vaccine 2013;31:763-769.

Kester LM, Zimet GD, Fortenberry JD, Kahn JA, Shew ML. A national study of HPV vaccination of adolescent girls: Rates, predictors, and reasons for non-vaccination. Maternal and Child Health Journal 2013;17:879-885.

Mullins TLK, Griffioen AM, Glynn S, Zimet GD, Rosenthal SL, Fortenberry JD, Kahn JA. Human papillomavirus vaccine communication: Perspectives of 11-12 year-old girls, mothers, and clinicians. Vaccine 2013;31(42):4894-4901.

Zimet GD, Rosberger Z, Fisher WA, Perez S, Stupiansky NW. Beliefs, behaviors, and HPV vaccine: Correcting the myths and the misinformation. Prev Med 2013;57:414-418. 
Ott MA, Alexander AB, Lally M, Steever JB, Zimet GD, and the Adolescent Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions. Preventive misconception and adolescents’ knowledge about HIV vaccine trials. J Med Ethics 2013;39:765-771.F