Developmental Pediatrics

The Developmental Pediatrics Program at Riley Hospital for Children, Indiana University Medical Center, provides evaluation and treatment for children who are at risk for developmental and feeding problems due to birth defects or other handicapping conditions. Our program brings together pediatric experts from many areas, who work closely with each family and with the child's primary care physician to provide a personalized program of care for each child.

An Expert Team Meets each Child's Unique Needs

Birth defects and disabilities usually affect many different parts and functions of the child's body, creating the need for a highly individualized program of care. Our developmental pediatricians are specialists in the process of physical, mental and social development from infancy to young adulthood. They work as a team with many other pediatric specialists at Riley Hospital to assure total care for each child. We also work closely with the family, the child's primary care physician and, whenever appropriate, community health resources. In every case, our goal is to help the child reach his or her full potential.

The Newborn Follow-up Program provides continuing care for babies who have been patients in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at Riley Hospital, and who are at risk for developmental problems. Our team consists of developmental pediatricians, nurse practitioners, a neurologist, a psychologist, a social worker and a dietitian. Occupational, physical and speech therapists are available to assess the baby's needs and to consult as needed. The team works closely with the baby's primary care physician and assists with referrals or coordinating of care with other pediatric specialists.

The Developmental Pediatrics Clinic provides the same diagnostic and treatment services as the Newborn Follow-Up Program. However, this clinic is for babies and children from across Indiana who have been cared for at other hospitals and are at high risk for developmental problems.

The Ann Whitehall Down Syndrome Program brings together specialists from many areas to address the medical and psychosocial needs of children with Down Syndrome. A developmental pediatrician, pediatric nurse practitioner, pediatric social worker, pediatric occupational therapist, physical therapist and certified speech pathologist work closely with the primary care physician to help each child achieve his or her optimal potential. We also refer the family to local resources for therapy and developmental programs.

The Cerebral Palsy Clinic provides comprehensive care for children and adolescents with cerebral palsy and related disorders. Members of the treatment team include a developmental pediatrician, pediatric neurologist, pediatric orthopaedist, occupational and physical therapists, augmentative communication specialist, social worker, nurse and pediatric dentist. Audiologists, orthotists and pediatric surgeons also are called in whenever needed. Our clinic staff works with the family and with local health care providers to ensure a coordinated, individualized program of care for each child.

The Myelomeningocele Clinic provides comprehensive multidisciplinary care to children and adolescents with spina bifida. Our team of pediatric specialists includes a developmental pediatrician, pediatric orthopaedist, pediatric neurosurgeon and pediatric urologist. Physical and occupational therapists, social workers, dietitians and orthotics specialists also contribute to our team effort.