Todd D. Nebesio, MD, FAAP

Todd D. Nebesio, MD, FAAP

Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Phone: (317) 944-3889
Fax: (317) 944-3882
Email: tdnebesi@iu.edu
705 Riley Hospital Drive, Room 5960
Indianapolis, IN  46202



Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetology

Areas of Interest

Type 1 diabetes, thyroid disease, adrenal disease, disorders of growth and puberty.

Dr. Nebesio grew up in Atlanta, Georgia.  He attended Wake Forest University for his undergraduate education.  He completed medical school, pediatric residency, and Pediatric Endocrinology fellowship at Indiana University School of Medicine.  He enjoys all areas of pediatric endocrinology, and he has a special interest in thyroid disease, adrenal disorders, and type 1 diabetes.  He has been the investigator in a study of children with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) as well as various industry sponsored studies.


1996 BS, Wake Forest University
2000 MD, Indiana University School of Medicine
2003 Pediatric residency, Indiana University School of Medicine
2006 Pediatric endocrinology fellowship, Indiana University School of Medicine

Honors & Awards

2003 Alpha Omega Alpha
2003 Andrew Jones Memorial Teaching Award
2006 Jack Metcoff Award from Midwest Society for Pediatric Research


Riley Hospital Outpatient Center
705 Riley Hospital Drive
Indianapolis, IN  46202

Riley Children's Specialty Clinic
11590 North Meridian Street
Suite 300
Carmel, IN 46032

South Bend Pediatrics
211 North Eddy Street
South Bend, IN 46617

Deaconess Riley Children's Specialty Center
4133 Gateway Boulevard
Suite 220
Newburgh, IN 47630 

Research & Grants

Representative PublicationsView All Publications

1. Nebesio TD, Siddiqui AR, Pescovitz OH, Eugster EA. Time-course to hypothyroidism after fixed-dose radioablation therapy of Graves’ disease in children. J Pediatr 2002; 141: 99-103.

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