Youth Diabetes Prevention Clinic

Youth Diabetes Prevention Clinic

The Youth Diabetes Prevention Clinic is designed to clinically diagnose children and adolescents (aged 10 and up) who have evidence of prediabetes or prevalent risk factors for the development of diabetes. Our clinical treatment program utilizes the Diabetes Prevention Program modified for use in families and goal-setting strategies to implement therapeutic lifestyle change in children and their families. We also medically manage complications of overweight, including hypertension, hyperlipidemia, prediabetes, and polycystic ovary syndrome in youth.

The treatment model consists of medical care provided by our physician and nurse practitioners, nutritional consultation and planning with our registered dietician, and physical activity goal setting and behavior modification activities with our health coach. With continual contact with our providers, the clinic will be a local, state, and national model for the prevention of adolescent type 2 diabetes.

Our Staff is Led by Physician Specialists

Our physicians are pediatricians who have received additional training in pediatric endocrinology/diabetology and adolescent medicine. Our team also includes a nurse practitioner specializing in prediabetes, a registered dietitian and a health coach.

Tamara Hannon, MD

Laura Kester, MD

Zeina Nabhan, MD

Megan Behrmann, RN, CPNP, MSN, CDE

An Individualized Coaching Plan for Each Patient

Each patient has his or her own individualized needs for behavior change. For this reason, our clinic model is designed to offer support to patients and families that encompasses goal setting, physical activity and nutrition counseling, and motivational interviewing. Our health coach is ACSM certified as a personal trainer and physical activity and public health specialist.