Core Investigator

Tamara S. Hannon, MD

Personal Statement: I have significant experience in both clinical research and the clinical care of adolescents with obesity, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes. Currently, I am conducting a study to investigate the effects of impaired sleep and obstructive sleep apnea on blood pressure, glucose tolerance, insulin resistance, and risk factors for the development of cardiometabolic disease among overweight adolescents. I also serve as a co-investigator in a newly awarded national multi-center project to investigate beta-cell preservation in early type 2 diabetes / pre-diabetes in adults and adolescents. I am particularly interested in the identification of risk factors for the development of chronic disease morbidity, specifically diabetes and cardiometabolic disease because there are implications for improved clinical practice outcomes and prevention. I am particularly suited to serve as a member of this study team with relevant experience in the field of childhood obesity and associated co-morbid conditions, especially type 2 diabetes.