General and Community Pediatrics ResearchThe Department of Pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine was ranked #7 in NIH funding of ranked Pediatric Departments nationally.The Department boasts a robust research program that includes our Children’s Health Services Research (CHSR)group which concentrates on four areas: information technology, health policy and advocacy, vulnerable populations, global pediatrics and HIV. Our CHSR Section has one of the largest and most active pediatric informatics programs in the country.

The Child Health Improvement Research and Development Lab (CHIRDL) is an independent lab within CHSR that focuses on the use of health information technology in public health and clinical practice. Our team of physician scientists and software engineers develop information systems for use in routine clinical practice to capture and analyze health information. CHSR and CHIRDL have been nationally recognized for several exciting programs such as the CHICA system, a computer based decision support system and electronic medical record for primary care pediatrics that has been shown to improve care of conditions as diverse as maternal depression, asthma, and parental smoking cessation.

The Pediatric Research Network (PResNet) was created within CHSR to act as a resource for faculty by facilitating patient recruiting in an outpatient setting and support a broad range of research initiatives originated by PResNet practitioners and investigators from within and from outside of the network.

For more information on Children’s Health Services Research see CHSR.