Kamnesh R. Pradhan, MBBS, MS

Kamnesh R. Pradhan, MBBS, MS

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Phone: 317-944-2143
Email: pkamnesh@iu.edu
705 Riley Hospital Drive, ROC 4340
Indianapolis, IN 46202



Pediatric Hematology Oncology

Areas of Interest

Biomarkers of pathological angiogenesis in cancer, cancer survivors, and sickle cell anemia, health promotion to enhance vascular health among cancer survivors.


My clinical interests are in pediatric Brain tumors and cancer survivors. My research interests are in early phase anti-angiogenic agents in combination with standard chemotherapy as well as patient-physician communication and health promotion behavior among cancer survivors.


1988-1994 Medical School, King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth. G.S. Medical College
1997-2000 Residency, University of Illinois at Chicago
2000-2004 Fellowship, Indiana University


Riley Outpatient Center
705 Riley Hospital Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46202
317-944-2143 phone
317-944-3107 fax

Research & Grants

I am currently involved in studying biomarkers of abnormal angiogenesis among pediatric solid tumor patients. Our goal is to discover predictive biomarkers to anti-angiogenic agents. I am also involved with conducting Phase-1 studies through the Children’s Oncology Phase-1 consortium for novel anti-angiogenic agents. In addition, I have also had training in Behavior Oncology with the goals of health promotion particularly for physical activity behavior among cancer survivors to promote vascular health and fitness using a bio-behavioral theoretical framework. I am studying the role of physical activity on angiogenic biomarkers in cancer survivors. Lastly, I am looking at the differences among angiogenic biomarkers in subjects with sickle cell anemia.

I have had grant funding from Indiana University internal-funding, CTSI and NCI. I am applying for external grant funding through NIH.

Active: R25CA117865 (NIH-NCI) Post-doctoral training grant.

Completed: VFR-342. (Indiana University Health Values grant.) PI CTSI (NIH/NCRR) TR000006. PI



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