Dr. Sandeep Batra  

T-cell ALL translational research

Dr. James Croop                 

Pediatric Phase I Clinical Trials: Novel Cancer Therapies

Dr. Robert Fallon                

COG Principal Investigator, Phase III clinical trials

Dr. Scott Goebel                  

Mesenchymal stem cell biology and therapeutics: Fanconi Anemia, gene therapy

Dr. Mark Kelley                    

Translational and basic research in DNA repair, biology of APE1/Ref-1

New therapeutic approaches to relapsed and refractive T-cell ALL

Cognitive dysfunction post cancer treatment (chemobrain & peripheral neuropathy)

Overcoming glioblastoma drug resistance

Dr. Lindsey Mayo                

mdm2 and tumor progression (angiogenesis and metastasis), nutlin, tumor suppressors p53,p73, PTEN

Dr. Robert Nelson               

Primary immunodeficiency diseases

Dr. Karen Pollok                  

DNA repair in hematopoiesis, mouse core, brain tumor model

Nutlin to potentiate chemotherapy, radiation therapy tumor damage

Dr. Kamnesh Pradhan       

Circulating endothelial progenitors in GBM patients

Communication at end of life in children with brain tumors

Dr. Susanne Ragg             

Protein profiling in pediatric cancer

Biospecimen banking

Dr. Jamie Renbarger          

Biomarkers of chemotherapy toxicity and response


Chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy

Biobanking and transplant

Dr. Kent Robertson             

Pathway disruption in neurofibromatosis

Dr. Chie-Schin Shin          

MRI imaging in NF patients

LAC (carnitine) therapy to mitigate neurotoxicity

Dr. Terry Vik                         

Leukemia clinical trials

Cancer Survivorship

New protocol development

Dr. Jingwu Xie                     

Signal transduction of the hedgehog pathway and its role in the development of cancers.