Mouhammad Yabrodi, MD

Mouhammad Yabrodi, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Email: myabrodi@iu.edu



Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care

Areas of Interest

Pediatric Echo

Dr. Mouhammad Yabrodi joined our group after completing two fellowships at Emery University. He enjoys all aspects of the cardiac critical care unit. When not at work, he enjoys running, swimming, and being with his family. 


2004 MD, University of Damascus Medical School
2005 Internship in family medicine, New Medical Center
2006 Internship in pediatrics, American University of Beirut Medical Center
2010 Residency, SUNY Upstate Medical University
2013 Fellowship in Critical Care, Emory University
2015 Fellowship in Cardiology, Emery University 


Research & Grants

Co-investigator, “A pilot study investigating coagulation profiles in patients undergoing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO).” Principal Investigator, Matthew Paden, MD. February 2011-present. IRB 0000368
The study includes all patients receiving ECMO as supportive therapy for respiratory failure in patients from 1 day to 21 years old. Our goal is to measure, thrombin generation, thrombin-generated clot-shear elasticity and markers of hemostasis activation and fibrinolysis in pediatric respiratory ECMO patients. Serial blood sampling occurs every other day for 15 days.

Principal investigator, “Use of thrombolytic agents during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.” April 2013-present. IRB 0003385
A case report and review of the literature, of using continuous infusions of catheter directed thrombolytic agents in treatment of massive pulmonary embolus in pediatric ECMO patients

Representative Publications

Yabrodi M, Dashsh M. Retrospective study of prevalence of viral hepatitis B and viral hepatitis C in Syria. Medical Arabic Journal, 2003 Nov; 14:244-320.

Nassan G, Yabrodi M, Mikati M. Electroencephalographic changes in pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy: New observation. Epileptic Disorder Journal, 2009 Dec; 11(4):293-300.

Yabrodi M, Fortenberry. “Use of antivenin to treat priapism after black widow spider bite.” Accepted in Pediatric Emergency Medicine Journal, 2014 August

Yabrodi M, Meyer E, PadenM. “Leukapheresis in children”. Submitted to Journal of Clinical Apheresis. In review, pending resubmission.