Mara Nitu, MD

Mara Nitu, MD Section Director, Pediatric Intensive Care
Indiana University School of Medicine

Dr. Nitu is passionate about quality improvement initiatives (QI), working towards the creation of effective models of clinical care delivery throughout her career. She has a proven track record in taking care delivery models from concept to implementation. She was instrumental in the creation and build-out of the pediatric transport system in the state of Indiana, she was the impetus behind introducing Intensivist based co-management of all pediatric critical care paitients, as well as the driving force behind the development of standardized medical protocols.

In addition, Dr. Nitu is actively engaged in promoting the ethical delivery of pediatric critical care. She is determined to improve the process. Her efforts in this area involve supporting PICU healthcare providers in addressing value-laden issues, preparing health care professionals to prospectively plan for ethically challenging clinical situations by creating a climate of collaboration and decreasing moral distress for healthcare providers in the PICU.