Letter from Our Director

Rebecca M. Dixon, MD

Rebecca M. Dixon, MD, FAAP

  • Director, Section of Pediatric Hospital Medicine


Dear Colleagues,

The mission of the Riley Pediatric Hospital Medicine Program is to improve the health and lives of children - not only those in and directly surrounding Indianapolis, but also across the state and even throughout the nation.  This is done through excellence in clinical skills, communication and collaboration, teaching, service and outreach, and scholarship.

Directly, our group touches patients each day and night at four different IU sites.  The emphasis, here at the bedside, is on family-centered care.  Preeminent care is expected and advocacy for the child extends to the family or support group on whom they depend.  The Riley Pediatric Hospitalists have a strong commitment to evidence-based medicine with the specific aim of delivering the highest quality, safest, and most efficient care.  Our multidisciplinary approach prioritizes collaboration amongst all the subspecialties and support staff.  We strive for the very best in communication with referring physicians and hospitals – contacting each primary care physician on discharge regarding their patients and the hospital course.  Appropriate consultation with subspecialists and assistance with securing outpatient follow-up as needed is of prime importance to the Riley Pediatric Hospitalists.

Our direct contact with patients in a family-centered care format also enables us to model and teach a multitude of learners - residents, fellows, medical students, nurse practitioners students, and physician assistant students, to name a few.  Each day, we teach at the bedside and, in more formal settings, through didactic lectures.  Excellence in teaching is a highly valued avenue to support the mission of better health for children.  Through our learners, we can extend the wonderful work that is done at the bedside to other hospitals, states, and beyond as they move forward in their careers.

The teachings of the Riley Pediatric Hospitalist group are not only done at the hospital but also throughout the community and the nation.  Lectures take us to hospitals and care centers around central Indiana.  Webinars produced by the group are aimed at improving healthcare for children through their teachings.  Nationally, the many publications produced by the Riley Pediatric Hospitalists reach and teach other clinicians across the country. Our members are also participants in a multitude of national conferences throughout the year – presenting much of our scholarly work through this national venue, and thus, sharing our knowledge with others.

From bedside to podium to publication, our aim remains the same – to improve the health and well-being of children.  We are honored at the opportunity to claim this mission, and we work toward it on a daily basis.  Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about the Riley Pediatric Hospital Medicine Program.


Rebecca M. Dixon, MD, FAAP

Director, Section of Pediatric Hospital Medicine
Indiana University School of Medicine
Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health