Children's Sleep Disorder Center

The Children's Sleep Disorder Center was established in 1986 as a separate entity. The program is one of the largest in the country and the only dedicated pediatric sleep laboratory in the state of Indiana. The Riley sleep disorders program has performed over 50,000 sleep studies since its establishment in 1985. Our program is multidisciplinary and staffed by board certified sleep medicine physicians, three of whom are additionally certified in pediatric pulmonology and one in neurology. The program also has one child psychologist with certification in behavioral sleep medicine. Support staff includes nurses, respiratory therapists, and sleep technicians with expertise in performing high-quality sleep studies in children, ranging in age from newborns through age 18 years.

The Program Offers Evaluations for Children Of All Ages With A Variety of Sleep Disorders. Including:

We Have Two Conveniently Located Sleep Labs In The Indianapolis Area. Testing available thorugh the Sleep Laboratory includes: 

  1. Sleep Apnea
  2. Insomnia
  3. Narcolepsy
  4. Parasomnias
  5. Restless Leg Syndrome
  6. Circadian Disorders
  7. Behavioral sleep disorders
  8. Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
  1. Diagnostic Polysomnography
  2. Titration of CPAP, Bilevel PAP, Home Ventilator settings
  3. Multiple Sleep Latency Testing
  4. Actigraphy

The program offers management for patients on technology such as CPAP and Bilevel PAP. We work in close association with various surgical specialists - including ENT and Plastic Surgery, at Riley Hospital for Children to manage children with craniofacial disorders who have sleep apnea. Additional faculty physician interests include sleep disorders in Autistic Children and Neuromuscular Disorders.

Sleep disorders are common in childhood, with almost 20-40% of children having experienced a sleep disturbance at some point while growing up. Our dedicated, expert, multidisciplinary team provides care in a compassionate and child friendly environment. We have several specialty clinics within the sleep program to meet your child’s needs. We follow a screening process for our clinic appointments to ensure you see all the team members who can help address your child’s sleep concerns.