Pediatric Allergy Services

Our pediatric allergists specialize in a wide array of allergic clinical problems; asthma, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, urticaria, angioedema, anaphylaxis, and gastrointestinal allergy. Often many of these conditions co-exist. Our allergy service can provide care for a number of allergy related problems and problems that evolve over childhood. Each child undergoes a very detailed allergy oriented history and physical examination making sure that the clinical problem supports a diagnosis of allergy. The history of exposures directs the selection of allergy tests. Our allergy program allows for us to spend the time that is needed to listen to a story and select the appropriate tests for making the diagnosis and manage the problem.

Unique to our Riley Allergy Service is the opportunity to perform a food challenge in a controlled clinical environment. Food challenges are done to verify that a child has outgrown a food allergy and they can also be performed to prove that there truly is a food allergy present. The allergy service also offers:

  • vaccine and drug desensitization procedures   
  • diagnostics for stinging insect reactions

The allergy service works along with our gastroenterology service at Riley to provide a multi-disciplinary clinical experience for children who struggle with eosinophilic esophagitis.

Additionally, the Allergy service does pollen counting. We have the only pollen counter in central Indiana. During the pollen season- March through second frost- daily pollen counts can be found on

Our allergists are involved in numerous community project that involve asthma and food allergy and helped establish the Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition. They also serve and attend food allergy support groups.

Over the past twenty years, the allergy section has grown. We currently have three allergists in the section. The clinical program has evolved to the point where we have enough key people to look into the possibility of establishing an allergy training fellowship program or a combined program where the trainee would fulfill criteria for a joint fellowship in pediatric pulmonology and in allergy.