Riley Asthma Center

The Riley Asthma Care Center’s pulmonary and allergy team provides high quality asthma care, sharing information about new trends in asthma, providing patient-focused care and continually striving to better understand the impact asthma has on children’s lives.

The asthma center team includes board certified pulmonologists and allergists that work closely together to provide the best and most comprehensive asthma care possible for your child.  Children who have asthma and visit our center for treatment will meet team members, undergo physical exams, lung functions tests, and often allergy testing.  These tests help staff better determine the severity of the child’s condition, and tailor a plan to best meet your child’s needs.

The Riley High Risk Asthma clinic serves those patients who are not getting better with usual asthma care.  If the Riley pulmonologist or allergist feels it is warranted, then a referral will be made to this clinic for more intensive management. The High Risk Asthma clinic includes a multidisciplinary team with the sole focus of getting the child’s asthma under good control.  The team includes two pulmonologists, an asthma specialty nurse, and a social worker, in addition to standard clinic support staff.  This specialized team provides assistance to these severely affected patients by addressing adherence issues, aggressively adjusting medications as indicated, responding to asthma flares quickly, addressing social and financial needs, and providing high quality asthma education at every clinic visit.

Through this intensive team approach, the High Risk Asthma clinic is able to significantly decrease hospitalization rates for those children enrolled by 40-50% compared to prior to enrollment.

The Riley Asthma Care team partners with community outreach services to provide education throughout the state.  These partnerships include:

  • American Lung Association of Indiana
  • Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition
  • Indianapolis Asthma Alliance
  • Indianapolis EMS
  • Annual School Nurse Symposium

The Riley Asthma Care team is available to provide asthma education to various groups including teachers, nursing staff and other medical personnel.