The Riley Infant Lung Center

At the Riley Infant Lung Center, a specially trained team of pediatric experts will provide pulmonary care for your infant with breathing problems. We know infants with breathing problems require special attention to ensure continued improvement in their breathing function. That is why Riley Hospital for Children has developed a program to care for infants with chronic lung conditions.  The members of our team have worked together for decades to improve the quality of infant respiratory care by leading in the development of infant lung function testing, providing state-of-the-art treatment and continually improving the quality of life of infants and their families.

Based on our extensive experience in treating infants with lung disease, we have developed a comprehensive approach to educate families about respiratory illness and developed individual programs for the care of each infant. Our program, the ABC's of Managing Infant Lung Disease, coordinates care of the infant before discharge from the nursery, provides evaluation and treatment during the important period of infancy and continued care for those with chronic respiratory problems.

Our experienced team of pediatric specialists creates a care plan to fit each infant and family. The goals of the specialized plan are to:

  • Reduce symptoms so they do not occur daily
  • Educate parents about the warning signs of respiratory distress
  • Train families in the use of home oxygen, monitors and medication delivery devices - Achieve and maintain excellent nutrition
  • Achieve excellent communication among our team, the parents and the primary physicians